Holtback Yeter

Art Director at Forsman & Bodenfors. Based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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The Political Flower

Majblomman (Mayflower)

Every year since 1907, Majblomman sell their flower pin to combat Sweden’s child poverty. Today, one in ten children live in poverty. However, leading up to the Swedish election, this wasn’t even a topic of discussion.

We wanted politicians to act on this deprioritized issue. And we did so through an insight: the parties might be far apart, but almost all of them have flowers as their party symbol.

For the first time ever, we designed eight new flower pins – one for each party. Then, they were sent to every party leader with an urge to wear them if they promised to act on child poverty.

We then turned to the voters, urging them to spread the message and tag politicians they wanted held accountable.

The response was immediate.

We also made the flower pins available for voters to buy. Compared to the year prior, the amount of flower pins sold went up with 9600%.

The high engagement on social media resulted in party leaders and representatives from all partys asking to meet us. Soon after, many of them started to wear our pins, and thereby promised to act. The initiative even reached all the way to the European Parliament.